Thank you so much for ordering a custom silhouette print!

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i hope the information below helps guide you through the process on taking and uploading Your Side profile image. IF you have any further questions or concerns please contact me!

Here are a few tips to help with your side profile image:

when should i upload my image?

please try your best to upload your images within 1-3 days of ordering.  Use your order number or client name as a reference when uploading ( on your emailed invoice).

tips on taking a good photo?

since each silhouette is hand-illustrated, it is best to have a good quality photo for reference. it will help create the most realistic version possible.

  • photo should be eye level with the person you are photographing

  • it’s best if the person is looking straight forward so their neckline is natural,

  • tip: for a child having someone stand in-front of them, use a toy, or ask them to look out a window

  • make sure their face is fully turned so you can only see one of their eyes

  • photo should capture below the shoulders, above the head, and all of the hair

  • smiles are beautiful but once it is in a flattened silhouette it doesn’t always look like the photo. a relaxed closed mouth is usually preferred

  • ensure you like the hair style as it will be drawn as shown in the picture (while using my own artistic style)

  • long hair: looks best pulled up.  However, if you’d prefer it down then pull it back away from the shoulders

  • background: a light solid colour wall is preferred

  • images are best taken during daylight hours, it creates good lighting and sharper images

  • photos taken with your your phone is ok as long as it is nice and clear

when will my silhouette be completed?

every silhouette is custom hand-illustrated,  it takes time to make it perfect.  once the image has been uploaded and you receive an upload approval email, the silhouette print will be shipped within 1-3 week time period. you will then receive shipping confirmation!



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